Pacific Telecom Services has been a leader in providing Project Management solutions to the wireless telecom industry. Whether it's a full turnkey market launch, new technology upgrades or systems maintenance, PTS provides solutions to clients' most pressing challenges. 


We are a little different: We like to Beat Deadlines and provide Innovative Solutions. PTS wants the highest quality, the quickest return and to exceed all expectations. PTS has a Project Manager who "owns" the time, the quality and the budget for each site and project. This accountability and expertise assures quality.


Like great athletes, we like competition and we like to be way ahead of the next competitor. We have built a great team and are experienced with quick mobilization. We don't do everything, everywhere, so we know how to collaborate with the required local talent and how to maintain our strong alliances. We are proud of the high performance we provide our clients.


We are schooled, trained and experienced. Begin creative with our expertise, we can design and solve issues that would otherwise be considered impossible. We like to show quick results with non-traditional means and methods. We have been successful with creative solutions resulting in faster time-to-market.

PTS has enough experience that we only commit to what we know we can do well. We have partnerships/alliances and collaborate with other talented firms that we work with to have scalable and final quality product and service, if needed.