Suquamish Beach House

Suquamish Beach, WA
Status: In Progress

Although the client’s family has inhabited the shoreline of Suquamish for five generations, the existing residence is an unexceptional wood-frame cabin that does not respond to the site and has fallen into disrepair. PTS was commissioned with designing a replacement house that will be cherished by, and endure for, future generations.

The proposed house is located up-slope from the existing cabin to accentuate views over Port Madison Bay. The house takes full advantage of the site and many factors were considered when creating the spaces such as orientation, the slope of the hillside, and the connection to the outdoors. The entry sits a half level up, taking advantage of the steeply sloping hillside. Stairs and utility spaces are situated in this slope while the main living spaces take advantage of the views and light opening up to the water. Extensive glazing and outdoor spaces blur the distinction between inside and outside.

The proposed house is constructed of durable low-maintenance materials. Lumber harvested on site is used for stairs and furniture. Other sustainable strategies include extensive day lighting, passive cooling and ventilation, and the rehabilitation of the natural shoreline through demolition of an existing artificial sea wall.