Portland, Oregon Area

Status: Ongoing Project

PTS is pleased to announce their new partnership with the Housing Authority of Portland (HAP). PTS will be managing wireless communications equipment on more than 70 HAP properties in the Portland market. Many HAP properties are multistory buildings located within Portland’s urban core providing critical coverage not available with other sites. HAP has been a partner in wireless communication helping providing services to their residents and surrounding communities since the mid 1990s.

HAP was established in 1941 and is the largest provider of affordable housing in Oregon with an annual budget of approximately $105 million and employs 270 staff members. HAP services nearly 14,000 famili...

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Suquamish Beach, WA
Status: In Progress

Although the client’s family has inhabited the shoreline of Suquamish for five generations, the existing residence is an unexceptional wood-frame cabin that does not respond to the site and has fallen into disrepair. PTS was commissioned with designing a replacement house that will be cherished by, and endure for, future generations.

The proposed house is located up-slope from the existing cabin to accentuate views over Port Madison Bay. The house takes full advantage of the site and many factors were considered when creating the spaces such as orientation, the slope of the hillside, and the connection to the outdoors. The entry sits a half level up, taking advantage of the steeply sloping hil...

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Portland, OR
Status: In Progress

Portland Fire & Rescue Station 19, originally built in 1955, was no longer large enough to house enough fire fighters for the growing Mt. Tabor neighborhood. PTS Architecture was awarded the contract to design an addition to the existing brick-clad building.

The proposed design respects the materials and massing of the existing building. The 285 sq. ft. addition will be constructed of Roman brick veneer over concrete masonry walls, with wood framing for the roof. New spaces include additional sleeping quarters, a much-needed third shower, an enlarged laundry room, and additional storage. Special details were developed enabling the addition to blend seamlessly with the existing brick, and allowing the r...

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Segelsen Ridge was a tremendously challenging project for PTS, involving the design and construction of a Verizon Wireless Cellular Facility in the Mt. Baker National Forest at an elevation of 4,400 feet above sea level.

Site access for construction and maintenance to the site is impassable 5 months out of the year, as there is an average snow pack of over 15 feet between November and April. There is no electrical service to the site due to the costs and hazards of routing utilities to the location. As a result of these factors, the project required that the facility be powered locally with on-site generation that must sustain all radio and support systems through the 5 month period without refueling.

On-site fuel capacity is limited to ...

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PTS was recently selected by Parsons Corporation to aid in performing file and physical site audits for seventy-five Sprint-Nextel sites to be hardened with generators along the Gulf Coast in Louisiana and Mississippi.

PTS is now in the process of performing site development services to include site acquisition, land use planning and architecture/engineering design for site hardening. The purpose of this work is to better prepare wireless sites for subsequent hurricane seasons and to provide for responsive wireless telecommunications in emergency situations. The project started in late 2006 and is expected to run through Second Quarter 2007.

PTS was an instrumental player in upgrading DC power plants for over 6,000 sites in 30 states.

This upgrade was a necessary step for installed systems to stay current with power plant technology and required capacity. The scope of work included project management, architectural and engineering services to update site drawings, construction management, and technical services such as equipment change-out, installation and test. Pts also provided technical training for on-site staff. This project demonstrated pts versatility and expertise in telecommunications power plant equipment as well as its ability to integrate systems into a live network and manage large-scale projects.